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Find out what is happening. Get the scoop for when real news is not fake new, hackers get hacked, and websites become a web of information. You can read about it all right here.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

 Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I know the month of October is almost over. It is never to late to take a look and make it tougher to be the result of a successful cyber attack. Since 2004, the month of October is meant for all...

Beta Testers Wanted

I have a soon to be launched website. It has been a long time in coming. Budget is very thin. I am looking for is someone preferable one to kick the tires. Find broken links Find mis-spellings Check general usablity desktop, tablet and mobile Fill out questionaire as...

How Danagerous is Your Email

If I wanted to put a keylogger, ransomware or any other malware on someone's computer, send the malware in an email. That email would either have an PDF attachment waiting for you to open it. I might even send you an email where inside it has a link for you to click....

Internet Crime Complaint Center

Cybercriminals are just like bullies, if they can keep you paralyzed fear to the point where you do nothing they have won. Even the idea if you are complaining; nothing will be done. They will win. Frustration arises when you call the local police statiion to complain...

You Have Less Than A Year with Windows 7

All the rumors are true. Microsoft is going to discontinue support for our beloved Windows 7. We have less than one year (365 days) before Windows 7 computers will stop receiving security update. The time for free upgrade to Windows 10 is over. Whatever you decide to...

Resolutions fo 2019 Part 3

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best advice I have ever gotten. In fact family and friends have to remind me periodically. It is my nature to make things complex. Yesterday, on the morning news a notable psychologist was asked about the age issue of people making...

Resolutions for 2019 Part 2

I know for myself, if I don’t get enough sleep my attitude, physical ability, and mental alertness is greatly reduced. I recently read an article from the New York Times website titled, “New Office Hours Aim for Well Rested, More Productive Workers” This article...

New Year’s Resolution 2019

We have entered the time of the year where a good portion of us make resolutions for the coming year. They stem around a fault or weakness we have.  Almost all those resolutions will be set by the wayside within the next 30 days. By April those News Years Resolutions...

Cybersecurity News for the day from

What CISOs Should Know About Hacking in 2023

On February 8, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

The art of cyber crime is in a constant state of flux and evolution. Simply staying on pace with theRead more

How to Spot a Nefarious Cryptocurrency Platform

On February 7, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Do you ever wonder if your cryptocurrency platform cashes in ransomware payments? Maybe not, but itRead more

Why Crowdsourced Security is Devastating to Threat Actors

On February 6, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Almost every day, my spouse and I have a conversation about spam. Not the canned meat, but the numbeRead more

Bridging the 3.4 Million Workforce Gap in Cybersecurity

On February 3, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

As new cybersecurity threats continue to loom, the industry is running short of workers to face themRead more

The Evolution of Antivirus Software to Face Modern Threats

On February 2, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Over the years, endpoint security has evolved from primitive antivirus software to more sophisticateRead more

How Do Threat Hunters Keep Organizations Safe?

On February 2, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Neil Wyler started his job amid an ongoing cyberattack. As a threat hunter, he helped his client disRead more

Contain Breaches and Gain Visibility With Microsegmentation

On February 1, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Organizations must grapple with challenges from various market forces. Digital transformation, cloudRead more

CEO, CIO or CFO: Who Should Your CISO Report To?

On January 31, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

As we move deeper into a digitally dependent future, the growing concern of data breaches and otherRead more

How the Silk Road Affair Changed Law Enforcement

On January 30, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

The Silk Road was the first modern dark web marketplace, an online place for anonymously buying andRead more

Data Privacy: How the Growing Field of Regulations Impacts Businesses

On January 27, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

The proposed rules over artificial intelligence (AI) in the European Union (EU) are a harbinger of tRead more

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