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Find out what is happening. Get the scoop for when real news is not fake new, hackers get hacked, and websites become a web of information. You can read about it all right here.

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

 Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I know the month of October is almost over. It is never to late to take a look and make it tougher to be the result of a successful cyber attack. Since 2004, the month of October is meant for all...

Beta Testers Wanted

I have a soon to be launched website. It has been a long time in coming. Budget is very thin. I am looking for is someone preferable one to kick the tires. Find broken links Find mis-spellings Check general usablity desktop, tablet and mobile Fill out questionaire as...

How Danagerous is Your Email

If I wanted to put a keylogger, ransomware or any other malware on someone's computer, send the malware in an email. That email would either have an PDF attachment waiting for you to open it. I might even send you an email where inside it has a link for you to click....

Internet Crime Complaint Center

Cybercriminals are just like bullies, if they can keep you paralyzed fear to the point where you do nothing they have won. Even the idea if you are complaining; nothing will be done. They will win. Frustration arises when you call the local police statiion to complain...

You Have Less Than A Year with Windows 7

All the rumors are true. Microsoft is going to discontinue support for our beloved Windows 7. We have less than one year (365 days) before Windows 7 computers will stop receiving security update. The time for free upgrade to Windows 10 is over. Whatever you decide to...

Resolutions fo 2019 Part 3

KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) is the best advice I have ever gotten. In fact family and friends have to remind me periodically. It is my nature to make things complex. Yesterday, on the morning news a notable psychologist was asked about the age issue of people making...

Resolutions for 2019 Part 2

I know for myself, if I don’t get enough sleep my attitude, physical ability, and mental alertness is greatly reduced. I recently read an article from the New York Times website titled, “New Office Hours Aim for Well Rested, More Productive Workers” This article...

New Year’s Resolution 2019

We have entered the time of the year where a good portion of us make resolutions for the coming year. They stem around a fault or weakness we have.  Almost all those resolutions will be set by the wayside within the next 30 days. By April those News Years Resolutions...

Cybersecurity News for the day from

The Growing Risks of Shadow IT and SaaS Sprawl

On September 26, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, there is no shortage of apps and Software-as-a-ServicRead more

Are you ready to build your organization’s digital trust?

On September 25, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

As organizations continue their digital transformation journey, they need to be able to trust that tRead more

Most organizations want security vendor consolidation

On September 21, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Cybersecurity is complicated, to say the least. Maintaining a strong security posture goes far beyonRead more

How IBM secures the U.S. Open

On September 20, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

More than 15 million tennis fans around the world visited the US Open app and website this year, cheRead more

How the FBI Fights Back Against Worldwide Cyberattacks

On September 19, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

In the worldwide battle against malicious cyberattacks, there is no organization more central to theRead more

How NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 Tackles Risk Management

On September 18, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework 2.0 (CSF) is moving into its final stages before its 2024 implementRead more

How I got started: Cloud security engineer

On September 14, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

In today’s increasingly cloud-focused business environment, cloud security engineers are pivotRead more

Cost of a data breach 2023: Pharmaceutical industry impacts

On September 13, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Data breaches are both commonplace and costly in the medical industry.  Two industry verticalsRead more

“Authorized” to break in: Adversaries use valid credentials to compromise cloud environments

On September 13, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Get top insights from the 2023 Cloud Threat Landscape Report, delivered by IBM X-Force. The post “AuRead more

Email campaigns leverage updated DBatLoader to deliver RATs, stealers

On September 12, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

IBM X-Force has identified new capabilities in DBatLoader malware samples delivered in recent emailRead more

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