Did you know that October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month? I know the month of October is almost over. It is never to late to take a look and make it tougher to be the result of a successful cyber attack.

Since 2004, the month of October is meant for all of us to take take and evaluation our own cyber security practices. New and diverse threats create the demand that we adjust our practices when it comes to this.

I remember a time when we worked to make a computer network secure from an attack. Today, security professionals work to make the attacker’s job as difficult as possible. We have learned there is not totally security computer or network anymore. 

It wasn’t too long ago when ransomware was encrypting data leaving city governments, hospitals, and business paralyzed for periods of time. We have made progress overcoming those threats.

This year, phishing attacks targeted at specific individuals are the main threat. These attacks require a little different approach in deterring their effectiveness.

For the remainder of this month, I have three questions for you. Take those questions and answers to your IT personnel, and to your mid and upper level managers. This will make an attack on your computer and network more difficult for hackers.

  1. Do you have a Cyber Incident Response Plan?
  2. Does you and your company/family walk through it every six months?
  3. Does everyone in your company/family know what to do when they suspect a cyber incident?

If you noticed in two fo the three questions, I put company/family. It is not just departments, divisions, and whole companies should have their members trained. Every household should have every member aware and know what to do and who to report it to.

I repeat a very important part of keeping the wolf outside is knowing what to do and having the decision makers aware of the incident.

For more information

Go to National Cyber Security Awareness Month you can go to their website by clicking on the link or email me at efcussins@cussinsenterprises.com

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