Blessed are the Flexible

Blessed Are the Flexible

for they can be bent



How does my attitude affect my cyber and data security!

Anyone who has worked around any computer over the ten years knows that change happens in tech faster than death or taxes. Inside any programmer, hardware developer, or any support person has built into their DNA.

That chromoson cluter is what gives that individual is called Flexiblity. The building blocks of that unique chromoson is patience. This is needed for when things don’t go right. Stepping back examining the situration finding the root cause and then make changes. Hopefully, after not to many test runs the end result has been accomplished.

I cannot think of one project or job that did not require change, or adjustments either at the beginning or some where along the path to completion. And there has been a few needed changes to be made after I thought the job was done. 

I have found the attitude I approach those changes and/or adjustments will reflex upon how quickly and smoothly the job gets finished. In addition, the whole team’s attitude toward change will be seen my the customer. That obervation will affect future work from that customer and his recommendation of your work. 

You Have Less Than A Year with Windows 7

365 Days and Counting

All the rumors are true. Microsoft is going to discontinue support for our beloved Windows 7. We have less than one year (365 days) before Windows 7 computers will stop receiving security update. The time for free upgrade to Windows 10 is over.

Whatever you decide to do, it is going to cost you money out of your pocket. We are given from Microsoft three options.

  1. If you decide on buying a new computer, it will cost $500 at the very least.
  2. You can upgrade your existing computer to Windows  10 home for  $139, plus professional services to make sure data is no lost and done correctly
  3. Or you can keep you old Windows 7 computer and pray you don’t get infectected with malware.

In all reality, I see a couple other things happening:

  1. PC users are going to take a hard look a the Linux operating system. They will find it meats their needs and switch their computer to Linux Mint or Linux Ubuntu. Both offer the average user some good options.
  2. Instead of upgrading to Windows 10 they are going to switch over to a Mac computer. I really don’t see very many people doing this because is more expensive. Like $1,000 plus time to learn what makes Mac’s so unique.

For myself. I currently have one computer running Windows 10, another one with Windows 7, and two more running different versions of Linux. I most likely will keep the Windows 7 computer around because it has some unique programs on it.

What are you going to do come Janurary 14, 2020 will be put on life support for another three years?

I want to know. Leave you comments below or on my Facebook page or Twitter.