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Technology is a paint brush on the canvas of life. 
What can we paint for you?

The Two Issues, I Hear With The Use Of Technology

Syncing Email and Files

“I can’t see my home and work emails in on my computer and cell phones.

Balance Ease vs Security

“I like my computer works just fine. I don’t need security updates, nor change my passwords”

Data Loss

Documents, family pictures, accidentialy  deleted or dead hard drive can cost thousands in additional to the emotional cost.

Data Breech

In 2018, we saw 1,232 reported data breeches. This doesn’t count for personal emails on a work computer, then gets shared across the work’s network. 

Secure Access My Information

I want, I need to access my emails, and work information from my work desk, my laptop at home, and my cell phone.

Why Was Data Loss?

Regular backup of important data by at least 2 methods and stored in two diffierent places is not enough. Those backups need to be verified on a regular basis.

We Can Help You

We deal with these very issues on a daily basis. New phishing email with links to malware, software updates, in addition hardware issues can cause problems. We deal with on a daily basis.

In light to of 1,232 reported data breeches in 2018. This does not include email and other data loss. Crashed hard drives and unintended sharing of files is just as important.

Cussins Enterprises LLC’s response to these issues is to raise our standard. The Prime Directive is the statement of that standard.  All of our processes and discissions are made from this Prime Directive.

Our Success - Your Success

We know that if a computer is slow loading your web page or emails are not getting to your cell phone you are losing money. Our team with it’s variety of talents will get in the game.

Our Diverse Team

= You Benefit

  • Unique perspective
  • Various life and work experiences
  • Bringing a wider range of resources
  • Focusing on practical and workable
  • Resulting in unique solutions faster

We are not a one stop shop.

Cussins Enterprises LLC verifies our customers data has not gone any unauthorized change or leaked an unauthorized source.  We work to make sure it is safe from the bad guys

  • while in storage
  • while being transported,
  • while in the cloud,
  • while in use by authorized individuals

Mobile Device

Cell phone or tablet, they go where we go. Sometimes they fall and get broken or stolen Do you have a disaster recovery plan? We can help get you up and runnning as quick as possible.

Desktop/Laptop Support

The majority of our lives and work is done on a desktop or laptop. They have different operating system than our cell phone, different hardware and different requirements backing and security.

Website Building

Every that is to be taken serious must have a website. Over 80% of all web searches is done from a mobile device. Thus requiring a business website to reflect that business and be mobile friendly. 

Connecting You Devices

Today, any buiness needs to have their employees connected at the office, at home, and on the road. Customer data and affecting data to that customer  must be done securely. 

Time is wasting. We can save you time and money.

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Best Practices Demands We Share What We Have Learned

Technology changes so fast in so many different area, it is hard to shift through what is good and what is the best. We work at it. As part of our best practice is to share what we learn. Below is some of what our resources have learned.

7 Cybersecurity News Feeds

Resource Library

Completed and in Progress

Happenings (the blog)



Do you have a tech question or concern? Email us we may have an answer for you.

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