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Find out what is happening. Get the scoop for when real news is not fake new, hackers get hacked, and websites become a web of information. You can read about it all right here.

2018 is Finishing Off August

It has been almost a month since my last writing here. it has been a busy month. We got a good bit accomplished. A whole more to do. At the beginning when I set out to move Cussins Enterprises LLC from at computer service company to a web hosting and design company,

WordPress Where to Begin

Over the years I have worked with people who insisted on having their website look a certain way. The content was either over baring too much or not updating and fresh. Then they would look at me a say, "Why don't people come to my website and buy my goods?" I have...

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Beyond Requirements: Tapping the Business Potential of Data Governance and Security

On June 8, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Doom and gloom. Fear, uncertainty and doubt. The “stick” versus the “carrot”Read more

Secure-by-Design: Which Comes First, Code or Security?

On June 7, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

For years, developers and IT security teams have been at loggerheads. While developers feel securityRead more

ITG10 Likely Targeting South Korean Entities of Interest to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)

On June 6, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

In late April 2023, IBM Security X-Force uncovered documents that are most likely part of a phishingRead more

Will Commercial Spyware Survive Biden’s Executive Order?

On June 6, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

On March 27, 2023, reports surfaced that 50 U.S. government employees had been targeted by phone spyRead more

SOCs Spend 32% of the Day On Incidents That Pose No Threat

On June 5, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

When it comes to the first line of defense for any company, its Security Operations Center (SOC) isRead more

How to Boost Cybersecurity Through Better Communication

On June 5, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Security would be easy without users. That statement is as absurd as it is true. It’s also truRead more

Detecting Insider Threats: Leverage User Behavior Analytics

On June 2, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Employees often play an unwitting role in many security incidents, from accidental data breaches toRead more

Poor Communication During a Data Breach Can Cost You — Here’s How to Avoid It

On June 2, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

No one needs to tell you that data breaches are costly. That data has been quantified and the numberRead more

Increasingly Sophisticated Cyberattacks Target Healthcare

On June 1, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

It’s rare to see 100% agreement on a survey. But Porter Research found consensus from businessRead more

Ransomware Renaissance 2023: The Definitive Guide to Stay Safer

On June 1, 2023Source: Security Intelligence

Ransomware is experiencing a renaissance in 2023, with some cybersecurity firms reporting over 400 aRead more

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