It has been almost a month since my last writing here. it has been a busy month. We got a good bit accomplished. A whole more to do. At the beginning when I set out to move Cussins Enterprises LLC from at computer service company to a web hosting and design company, I thought it would be something we could during the slow period. That is the farest from the truth. The web hosting part is going to be our major focus and computer repair will be something I will to get out of the office and relax. 

That we have accomplish so far:

  • We the the hosting interface automate. We still have a few cliches. I can tell you it is very secure system, I even trouble logging into the back end.
  • The remodel of the whole website. We still have more content coming, and a lot tools for you and your home and business.
  • We are not an affillate of Eleqant Themes. A couple years ago I was introduced to them, In the past year have started using them exclusivily for websites. Now Engant Themes is going to pay me to use and recommend them. This I have been doing for quite some time, anyway.
Divi WordPress Theme

Plans for the rest of this year

  • We are running specials on different service and products each month. I am going to work toward giving you and different money saving deal each month, with that months discount code.  
  • We are putting together a Resource Library. In it there will be how-to’s, as well as links to online tools picture editors, and security scans for your website. 
  • In the next couple days I am should be able to announce 24/7 support. that means you can call when I am sleeping and talk to a knowledgable person.

I know it doesn’t look like much but to have one system talking to another system at the correct time, is not hard. Then you add in the privacy regulations like the GDPR and security practices to keep everyone’s data safe. There is a lot and time consuming.

However. I believe it is all going to be worth it. I want to have together a product that we can be proud of, but a product you will want to have. I know I have some pretty stiff competition with other hosting companies, but in a few years they will be taking notes from our playj book.

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