The Look and Feel of a website is in it's theme.

Two types of Themes or Layouts

Traditional Layout

The tradition website theme was more rigid. A total separate website was build for mobile devices. The content was filled with words and images and very little white space. Go to the examples.

Modern Fluid Layout

The modern website looks good on a desktop computer with a 22″ monitor and on a smart cell phone screen. There is a lot more white space than you would see in the more tradition layout. Go to the examples.

Traditional Looking Themes

Mondern One Page Layouts

These are just two examples to the style of a more modern website. 

Below the examples are a list of demo more for the more popular websites. 

Demos of Modern WP Themes

These come from the Divi theme packs at Elegant Themes. Each one highly customizable to fit the message of the website.